rose petal martini £11.00

bombay sapphire, lychee & rose shaken with fresh apple juice

the green dragon £10.00

muddled cucumber, yuzu sake lemon juice, egg white & sugar syrup

ivy fizz £10.00

finlandia, grapefruit, lime, sugar, mint & soda shaken & served over ice

spicy cucumber jalapeno margarita £12.00

el jimador tequila, lime juice, cointreau, sugar, tonic water, served over ice

pisco sour £10.00

pisco with lemon, sugar & egg white shaken & served over ice

passion fruit & cinnamon martini £12.00

finlandia, vanilla syrup, passion fruit, fresh apple juice, shaken over straight up

dulce de leche martini £12.00

espresso, kahlua, finlandia, dulce leche caramel syrup, served straight up

lychee martini £10.00

lychee liquor & lychee juice, finlandia served straight up

the mint lady £10.50

finlandia, apple juice, pineapple juice, lime juice, agave, mint, egg white, shaken served straight up

clover club £10.00

bombay sapphire, raspberry fruit, lemon juice, egg white

lychee bellini £12.00

lychee liquor & lychee juice topped up with prosecco

negroni £10.50

bombay sapphire, campari, antica formula, stirred & strained, served on the rocks or straight up

classic margarita £10.00

el jimador tequila, agave syrup, lime juice served served on the rocks or straight up, with salt or without

aperol fizz £12.00

aperol swirled through prosecco

burn breakfast martini £12.00

bombay sapphire, lemon juice, egg white

champagne mojito £12.00

bacardi superior, lime juice & mint leaves, stirred and served long, crowned with prosecco

raspberry royale £12.00

chambourd & raspberries topped up with prosecco

chelsea flower £12.00

hendricks gin, fresh raspberry, cucumber muddled with fresh apple juice served over ice with prosecco

yellow submarine £11.50

yuzu sake, bombay sapphire, lemon curd, cointreau, served straight up